Highly Commended

Boat Adventure

By Alexandra Guillemet, aged 12

Ben and John were at the beach, they had seen a little boat tied to an old rusty metal peg, the boat was a shiny, glossy white with the words The White Shark on the side of it.

John said, “This is my Uncle Jim’s boat, I’m sure he won’t mind if we borrow it, help me get it in the water, Ben.” As Ben walked down he wondered if John knew how to work a boat. “Hey! John, do you even know how to use a boat like this?” “Yes of course! Don’t be stupid, I’ve been sailing with my dad for ages and I’ve passed my Sea Scouts exam.” Once they had got the boat in the water they sailed off. “I have just remembered that I need to be home for six because my mum is having my family around for dinner,” said Ben.

John randomly pressed the brightly coloured buttons on the dashboard.

One hour later a huge grey cloud was heading towards them. John admitted, “I don’t actually know how to control a high-tech boat and I didn’t pass my Sea Scouts exam, I just wanted you to see how much fun I was.” Suddenly it started to rain heavily and thunder and lightning struck. There were choppy waves and slimy, smelly seaweed flying everywhere. Ben was fuming: “Everything you have told me is a complete and utter lie, now tell me the truth and we might both live! Do you know anything about boats?” “No,” replied John. Ben took his phone from his jacket pocket and dialled 999. “Please send someone to help us, we are stuck out at sea.” The reply came: “Ok we will be there soon as possible.”

Two hours later they were rescued by the lifeboat.

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