Highly Commended

End of the Line

By Harry Le Page, aged 13

Once a very long time ago there were two fish called Bill and Bob, these two boys were very outgoing fish, they were also best friends. One day there was something that happened that changed the fish community forever, they were out at sea when they saw a light shining in the distance. Bill was the braver of the two and the adventurer, while Bob was cautious of everything and a very scared boy fish. Bill’s instant reaction was to explore, on the other hand Bob whispered to Bill, “We don’t know what or who it is so what do we do?” Without thinking, like an idiot Bill swam as fast as he could towards the mysterious object.

When he got closer he called to Bob, “It’s fine, come see!” Bob hesitantly swam towards Bill and the thing. Bill awkwardly started to put himself in the shape as if he was going to eat it, a split second later, it was inside of him. Bill panicked and exclaimed, “Why did you do this?” Bill, struggling to help his friend free, got his fin stuck on a sharp object, they were both stuck. Then quick as a flash, they were on a boat and a man took them both off the fishing hook and put them in a tank of water.

They were moving again but this was bad, what they were yet to find out is the man was the fisherman who works for the local chip shop, this was the beginning of the end. Bob, trying to calm Bill down, made up this sentence: “Everything will be ok, I promise!” About 15 minutes of panicking and trying to calm one another down, they were taken out of the tank and Bill said, “You lied, everything you said to me in the tank is a complete lie, now tell me the truth and we might both live?!” His friend said in a very sad voice, “We reached the end of the line, judging by this place we will die and people will eat us! So this is it good friend, bye and we will be remembered forever.”

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