Highly Commended

Escape Plan

By Jacob Masterton-Pipet, aged 13

On Thursday 3rd May 1943, a gentleman called Draxler and many other Jews were told by German officers that they were being exported from Germany, that they must go to a communal shower in congested cattle trucks to greet their deaths.

They were kept in confined solid walls and the stench was abysmal, people were riddled with disease. There wasn’t any escape but Draxler was determined to discover one; he didn’t want a breathless, agonisingly slow death.

“I’d rather have an immediate and not as painful death through firing squad, wouldn’t you, Cardozo?”

“Yes, for sure!” responded Cardozo.

“We need to work together to plan our escape and tell no one,” Draxler told Cardozo.

Draxler and Cardozo started to plan their escape. This had to be as quick as the speed of light as the time was fast approaching when they would be taken to their death. As their plan to escape started to take shape and look hopeful, Cardozo ignorantly started to share their idea! Draxler became suspicious that Cardozo was telling fellow prisoners of their plan, so questioned him.

(Cardozo staunchly denied telling anybody of their idea!)

Draxler told Cardozo, “Everything you have just told me is a complete an utter lie. Now tell me the truth and we both might live.”

He reluctantly admitted to Draxler that he had told a few of their fellow prisoners, as they had become sceptical of them and threatened to tell the guards. They both felt it would be best to include the men that Cardozo had told of their plan.

On the fateful day they would be loaded into the truck, to be taken to their death, they would kill the guards of their truck and steal their weapons. Once this was done they would make a run for their freedom and hope that this was enough; they would be spared the gas chambers and would live!

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