Highly Commended

Flight 180

By Remy Falla, aged 12

John and Bob were complete strangers until the incident of flight “180”. They both were going to New York and they had to sit next to each other. Bob was saying how he could light a fire without matchsticks, and he knew how to survive in the wild.

The plane started to rock violently, this was John’s first time on a plane so he thought this was normal. Then an oxygen mask came down. That’s when he knew something was wrong.

They started to panic as the plane hurtled towards the ground. The ground was getting very close.

Suddenly everything went black! He was woken by Bob saying, “We survived.” John sat up, really confused. Looking at his surroundings, he realised that he was on a deserted island. Bob sat up and said, “We need food.”

“Well I don’t know what I am doing, but you do.”

“Oh well, I will be back in 10.”

Bob walked off and about an hour later returned with nothing. John shouted, “Where is the food?”

“There is nothing on this island,” he said and sat down.

Bob said, “Well light a fire, it is freezing.”

“Ummmm.. I just.. I mean I-I-I can’t.”



“Everything you have told me is a complete and utter lie. Now tell me the truth and we both might live.”

“I have no experience, I wanted to be cool.” “Well, we are going to die.”

John was really angry at Bob and stormed off. For the next 10 days John didn’t come back, so Bob went looking for him and five hours later smelt a horrid stench, he turned round the corner and there was John’s body. He had been eaten alive.

Bob started running, he’d realised the bite marks on the body were human!

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