Highly Commended

Held At Gunpoint For The Truth

By Kirsten Mcilroy, aged 12

I woke up feeling dizzy and bruised. Blood going down my face and my body was in excruciating pain, it felt as if I had been beaten up. I tried moving my arms and feet, I was tied up. An ear-splitting sound in my ear. Suddenly it all stopped and a blaze of light pretty much knocked me off my chair.

“Christopher, why did you kill all of those innocent people?” a female voice said as if she was in charge.

I said nothing, I was in what looked to be an abandoned warehouse with the dust getting stuck to the back of my throat...Suddenly my cheek turned red with pain.

“Answer,” she said, her tone a lot more impatient this time.

“I didn’t murder anyone, it was my brother, well he held me at gunpoint and said if I didn’t he would shoot me and my brains would go everywhere.”

“Who is your brother?” she asked as if I was lying.

“I can’t say, he will come and find me and kill me,” I replied in a quivering voice.

“I promise you he won’t hurt you, we will protect you,” she said in a sincere tone.

I looked around the room again and the woman was standing there in front of me. She held a gun to me and I turned red again, you could say me or you could say the brother.

“Is it me you’re looking for?” The brother sat there breaking through the rope.

“Multiple personality disorder,” she whispered to herself.

“Why did you kill them and hold your brother at gunpoint?” she said, as if there were two people there.

He pulled out a knife and a gun, held the gun to his head and the knife at the woman. Gunshot, a scream.

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