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My Dog

By Jacques Guilmoto, aged 13

It was a cold, misty Monday morning. I had just let out my dog Spike for the day, he loved playing in the back garden. I was heading out to work at the bank, when I suddenly remembered to call the tree surgeon to come and remove the great big oak tree in the back yard. They told me it would be a two-day job and they would be at my house by 10 o’clock.

While I was having a coffee during my break I realised I had left my prize dog outside. I quickly went home to let him in. He wasn’t there, I panicked. I also realised that the tree surgeons must have been running late as there was no one there. I jumped into my car and drove around looking for Spike everywhere, he was nowhere to be seen.

When I got back to the house I asked my neighbours if had they seen Spike. My neighbour said the tree surgeons had arrived and taken Spike with them. I called the police and reported Spike missing. I told them what my neighbour had said, and they said they would contact the tree surgeons. They called and spoke to the tree surgeons who said they had not seen a dog at the house, I didn’t believe them because everyone knows my dog Spike is a very rare breed and is worth a lot of money. I decided to follow them in my car to see where they lived and when they went inside I raced around the back of the property and saw Spike in a large crate. I think they were going to get him shipped off somewhere and sell him for a lot of money.

I decided to call a few friends for back-up, as I had to get Spike back, whatever it took. About half an hour later I saw my mates arrive so we knocked on the door and the tree surgeon that I had known for a very long time answered. He looked shocked to see us standing there, I asked him if he had taken my dog. He replied, “Of course not, who do you think I am?” I saw my mate had pulled out a gun. I was scared, so I said to the tree surgeon, “Everything you have told me is a complete and utter lie. Now tell me the truth and we might both live.”

The End

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