Highly Commended


By Nabiha Rahman , aged 14

“Everything you told me is a complete utter lie, now tell now the truth and we might both live” My voice trembles though the phone, tears streaming down my red puffy cheeks. My vision goes blurry due to all the tears welling up in my eyes.

“Why don’t you believe me?” his smoothing voice coos.

‘O how I want to believe you’ I wanted to say, but I couldn't ‘cause it wasn't part of the script.

“OK Cut! That’s a wrap, good job everyone!” the director speaks through the loud microphone, busting my eardrums. Ouch! I wipe away the fake tears and stand up to go to the make-up room, but my paths get blocked by Joshua; the guy who was on the fake phone call with me.

“Hey Jo” I say with a smile, I call him ’Jo’ short for Joshua. “What do you need?” I ask him.

“Nothing just wanted to say you did really well there, for a second I thought you were really crying.” He says with a small chuckle.

“Well that’s my main aim.” I say giving him a wink.

“So you want to go out for some coffee?” he asks me, and I can a light shade of pink rising up on his cheeks. Is he blushing? Aw!

“Yeah sure, let me just freshen up and I’ll be right there.” I say to him giving a warm smile.

“Sure I’ll wait here.” He tells me and I head off to the make-up rooms. I tell my Jane; the lady who doses my make up, to take all the mascara stains off due to all the fake crying. So after that I head back where Joshua was going to wait for me, and there he was.

“Let’s go” he takes my hand and we leave.

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