Highly Commended


By Daniel Moore, aged 13

Life had become hard in France. The Germans had reduced rations and day by day more and more Jews were being captured and driven off to camps abroad. However, life was harder in the cities, especially Paris. Unlike the country, food was near impossible to grow and this was a problem because the cities were the most populated areas, and as time went past, crime grew. Stabbings and robberies soon started to occur. It got to such a rate that the Germans felt they had to stop it. And they basically did. Any man, woman or child caught stealing would be shot by firing squads in public areas. The only signs of hope for France were spies both from Britain and the French Resistance.

I was a British spy. I had been assigned to gain intelligence on German military positions, and progress was good, all until one day when I was kidnapped from my apartment in the middle of the night. They blindfolded me and drove me off in what I believe was a van. Around four hours later I arrived where I was now.

“Everything you have told me is a complete and utter lie. Now tell me the truth and we might both live.”

The German officers took my blindfold off. Sitting right in front of me was my landlord. Both his eyes were dark purple and so swollen that he could barely see. He was looking at the floor at the puddle of blood that had formed on the floor from his deep cuts.

“Tell us who you are and your friend will go.” An officer stepped out from the dark corner of the room.

“I’m not telling you s**t,” I answered back, spitting on his perfect uniform. He looked back at me, smiling widely.

“Very well.”

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