Highly Commended

The Trapdoor

By Natalie Collins, aged 12

Amy raced up the last stretch of the green, grassy hill before she reached her favourite place, while Spots trailed behind, panting in the brilliant sunlight of summer.

“Well Mum, I left here and started towards the lighthouse:-”

“When I got to the lighthouse I tried the door and to my amazement the door opened. After some time exploring, Spots started to scratch at the floor, pulling all the dust away to reveal a trapdoor. Nervously I opened the trapdoor to reveal a fully furnished room. In my excitement I dropped down the tiny rope ladder. I went down to investigate the room, it was very interesting; however, while I was down in the room I had to hide because a man came walking up a side passage, and into the room right where I was. After the first man had appeared a second started up the passage and joined the other one and the first man said to the other: ‘Everything you have just told me is a complete and utter lie, now tell me the truth and we might both live!’ The other said nothing, just looked terrified and then ran away before the one who had threatened him could say any more.”

“I was really petrified at this point, what if the men saw me? Fortunately they didn’t. They departed and so did I,” Amy reported to her mum, panting as much as Spots.

“Never mention this again, if I.... hear..... just don’t....... ever again,” stuttered Mum.

“Mum, are you ok?” Amy questioned, “You don’t seem yourself today, do you know anything about this, Mum? I think you do.”

“NO!! How could you say such a thing?” said Mum, suddenly aggressive and fearful.

“Sorry,” replied Amy as she edged out of the room, holding her mother’s frightened gaze.

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