Highly Commended

The Vault

By Ben Anderson-Relf, aged 13

“Tell me the code to the vault, NOW!” said one of the terrorists. Moments passed but no one spoke.

“No,” said one of the very brave workers.

“Ok, then you will die.” He pointed the gun to his face and put five holes in his head, there was so much blood, it was like a lake.

“I will kill one more person unless you tell me the code for the vault!” bellowed one of the terrorists. As they interrogated, the SWAT team rolled up just in front of the building, near the entrance.

“Ok, I want half in the east and half in the west!” yelled the chief in command.

“We will never tell you the code to the vault.”

“Fine then, we will blow up the vault,” said the terrorist.

“Please, there is the country’s money in the vault,” said a helpless lady.

“Sir, the vault’s code has nearly been cracked; I suggest that you kill the hostages. And leave them.” As the terrorists left the room, one stayed and put the hostages to sleep, forever.

As the SWAT team drew closer to them, the terrorists were closer than ever to being billionaires.

“Come on! I want every dollar in the bag,” said a terrorist, eager for the money.

The SWAT team was closer than ever to the terrifying terrorists. Eventually they ended up by the victims, the team checked for a pulse but there was none.

“Everything you have told me is a complete and utter lie, tell me the truth and we might both live.”

“Ok I will just take the money and I will kill you both if you don’t shut up.”

“GO, GO, GO!”

To the terrorists’ surprise, they heard footsteps coming down the hallway.

“Men were going to die today, say your prayers everyone.”

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