Highly Commended


By Kit Inderwick, aged 13

The power plant was now in full meltdown and Dr Veigansloghti stood there laughing, watching his fellow workers burn. He was the one who destroyed this former power plant, and soon he would kill me. He had the control, he had the power and he could kill us with one press of a button. What do I need to do to save myself and save every living worker in this place?

“Why, Dr Vighan…”

“It is goddamn Veigansloghti, you little s**t!!”

I wasn’t too surprised about the offence used in his language but I still had to find a way to motivate or even trick him out of this.

“Doctor, you must understand the insanity of what you are doing, why don’t you just put the trigger to one side and we can talk about this personally?”

“Everything you have just told me is a complete and utter lie, now tell me the truth,” the doctor said, raising his voice to a quiet shout. I know. I know he has a family, a home. I just need to sway him onto the side of his family, convince him to stop.

“Think of the harm you’ll do to your family, you will hurt them, don’t you feel love is more important than violence?”

The doctor stood there silently but I knew that it was working; I could see the emotions rushing through him.

“Let’s just keep the trigger away and we can talk,” I smiled to make him feel welcome. It had worked, Dr Veigansloghti began to move towards the table and slowly, with his damp and bruised hands, the trigger which was to bring this power plant into the dust was lying safe on the table, I gave him a nod just for the feel of safety.

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