Highly Commended


By Leonie O'regan, aged 12

The rain falling down, the weather horrendous. We are getting ready for war, we are scared. Tom and I share a tent, it’s quiet and all of a sudden I hear the whistle. Tom and I run out of our tent, the soldiers are all running for war. It’s dark, muddy and raining, everything goes blurry, my hearing fades and I’m slowing down, getting closer to the floor, then I drop to the floor.

I wake up, lying on the floor. Dust floating around everywhere, I’m dizzy, I have no idea what’s going on, I stand up but all I see are dead bodies lying on the floor. I walk around and I see someone bending down, I hear him crying. I slowly walk over, the dust getting into my eyes, and, controlling my breathing, I say to him, “Are you okay there mate?” “Jerry, is that you?” he says. We look at each other. It’s Tom, my best friend - he survived! I am so happy, I thought I was the only one to survive. We walk around the bombsite. We see the dead bodies, it’s horrible, they are our team mates and our enemies.

We grab our bags for the road home, we were the only ones to survive. I look at Tom and I see a Russian badge inside his bag. I look at him, point my gun at him and I say, “Everything you have told me is a lie, you used me.” Jerry looks down in disappointment, I say, “Everything you have just told me is a complete and utter lie. Now tell me the truth and we might both live.”

“Tom, Jerry.”

We both look around, Mum is standing there with some cookies.

“Do you want these cookies, did you have a fun time playing war?”

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