Highly Commended


By Lewis Robin, aged 14

Sean Woods sat tied to a chair in a Japanese military fort. He was cold. He looked down at his bloody hands. Two men were in the concrete room with him, their backs turned, they were looking over a selection of knives. One of the Japanese soldiers turned around.

“Ok, American, you have been through a lot with us; however, you are American and I hate Americans, so now you will tell me about this plot. We know it might happen, and you will tell me what is” He pulled out a knife and placed the point on Woods’ shoulder.

“Ok, ok, we don’t have to do it this way, take the knife away and I will tell!” Woods exclaimed. The soldier took the knife out but raised it above his head, ready to strike. “Us, Americans...we, we have contaminated the Japanese water supply in Tokyo, it is being run from Manhattan, it will happen soon.” Woods was sweating.

“Everything you have told me is a complete and utter lie, tell me the truth and we might all live,” the soldier muttered nervously.

“Oh, I’m not lying. I don’t want to die, and you don’t have to kill me.”

“Jesus H Christ.” The soldier turned to a simple radio that was in the room.

“Wait!” the other soldier shouted. He was lying and I knew it.

“Your choice, you wait and everyone in Tokyo is dead. You act and they all live. The US military is a monster and they would not hesitate to do something like this,” Woods replied.

The soldiers nodded at each other. “Stop the water supply in Tokyo, drain it out.”

They slit Woods’ throat, not knowing that they were about to kill everyone in Tokyo. And then the US would finish the job in Hiroshima.

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