Highly Commended

Frozen 2

By Christina Salisbury, aged 9

Once upon a time there was a queen, the Queen of Arondale. Her name was Elsa and she had a younger sister called Anna. One day Elsa ran away from the castle and town because she had let out her icy powers. She ran on the water, every step she took the water turned into ice. Then she ran into the snow forest and built a huge ice castle. Anna felt lonely so she set off to find Elsa. Elsa wanted to build a snowman and with her icy powers she built one, but it turned into a huge monster. She didn’t know what to do. Elsa thought and thought then she remembered a wizard called Frosty, so she set off to find him.

Elsa found a little cottage and went in. She found a person and asked, “Excuse me are you Wizard Frosty?” The person replied, “Yes I am Wizard Frosty, and you are?” “Elsa, Queen Elsa,” replied Elsa. Wizard Frosty asked, “What, has something gone wrong, yes or no?” Elsa shouted, “Yes something has gone wrong, instead of making a snowman I made a monster!” “Oh throw this at him and your monster will turn into a snowman,” suggested the wizard. So Elsa went back to the castle and did what he had said. The next day she burst into the door and said, “Everything you have told me is a complete and utter lie. Now tell me the truth and we both might live.” Wizard Frosty said, shivering, “Ok, there is no way.” Elsa shouted, “Right, I have to get rid of that monster!” When she got to the castle she saw Anna and said, “Go.” Anna left. Elsa got rid of the monster and never built a snowman ever again.

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